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This Product is good for the entire family. This is an avocado & grapeseed oil blended with therapeutic-grade essential oils that are meant to nourish and shine, moisturize, and stimulate hair growth. It is a light, fast-absorbing oil that can be used daily and on all hair types. This oil is also a heat protectant and provides protection against uva and UVB rays. All the benefits without waying the hair down. Naturally fragrant with a soothing scent. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. If Pregnant please consult a doctor before use if concerned. The lavender rosemary scent is a delight to the senses Direction: Use a dime size portion rubbed into the hair daily for wet and dry styling. Daily use will not weigh your hair down. It can be used before and after heat styling. Apply on fingertips and massage into the scalp for treatment. Add to shampoo or conditioner for extra moisture and shine. It can also be used for massage, cuticle massage, foot rubs, burns, and itchy irritated skin.

Hair, Beard & Body Oil

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