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Here, it’s all about excellence in everything provided

hey beauty pro!

I'm Nikki

I’m a six-figure salon owner with over 16 years of experience in the beauty industry with one mission in mind: to liberate and equip up-and-coming beauty biz pros with the systems, structures, and resources that make them six-figure income earners beyond the chair and elevate their mindset about the business of beauty.


My passion for coaching beauty professionals on how to build their ideal life surrounding wealth, time, and balance is what got me here.

Even with earning every certification and license under my professional belt, the truth is, I got tired.


I got tired of seeing people who are wildly gifted in their beauty skills going in the same cycles that limited them from being successful. I got tired of the lack of knowledge within the beauty industry that made most beauty professionals feel unprepared to go to the next level with confidence and cut corners to get ahead. 


Far too often, I’ve witnessed countless people passionate about beauty miss out on experiencing a life of freedom and balance backed by an established, lucrative beauty business.


So I decided to shake things up a little and pour out my expertise from the beauty industry to nurture and equip the next generation of beauty biz pros like you.

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Here are the four need-to-know beauty secrets to help you achieve the perfect look balance and boundaries in your business every single time










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