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Is a Deep conditioner really necessary?

Often times people get confused and think that a deep conditioning treatment is the same as a a Protein Treatment. It Isn't! Both are very significant but have their own lane.

A Deep Conditioning Treatment is a treatment intended to impart moisture in the hair in order to prevent from being overly dry and brittle. Regular deep conditioner treatments helps hair to stay hydrated and improves hair's elasticity and overall health of the hair.

Protein Treatments help to fortify and strengthen hair. Hair is made up of mainly protein so it is wise to feed the hair things that is apart of its natural make up.

When you neglect to do regular conditioning treatments the hair can experience damage and side effects such as looking dull, becoming lifeless, massive tangling, and breakage to name a few.

Although it can cost you a few extra minutes and another round under the hair dryer (which I know is your favorite, lol) this is a very important part of your haircare regimen. Make sure to book a treatment with your next salon visit.

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photo cred: Ken Karlewicz