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No fraternization policy!

When working in corporate they mostly all the time have a "No Fraternization Policy" in place. This keeps the morale of the environment and the drama to a minimal. Every now and again there is some "eye candy" that comes in to temp everyone. It's a set up I tell you. Coming to work smelling all good, clothes straight from the cleaners. The devil is a lie, and he know what I like!

Luckily, when you're the boss you can play by your own rules, as long as no one finds out! People always ask how my husband and I met. When I tell them he was my barber they always chuckle. Hey what can I say, he had me at Hello! Actually it was by circumstance. I was going out of town and on short notice. I needed my hair cut and was gonna miss my, at thed current time, barber so a friend of mine sent me to Terrill. All I can say is that was the longest taper EVER lol! He was doing more whispering than fading! I remember smiling from ear to ear tho ( as I grin and type this now, lol).

For those that know my husband know that he meets no stranger. He was the easiest person to talk to as if we'd known each other forever. Hell, I had almost forgot that my BFF was in the car waiting because after all this was suppose to be an in and out mission. Sorry Trice! Needless say 12 years and 2 kids later from state to state. We are rocking together in this beauty industry doing life together. We definitely have our moments but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love working under the same roof with my #MCE. It makes me feel safe and keeps things interesting. The rest is history. I can't wait to see the greatness we will create in the future. "Til the wheels fall off" xoxo

P.S. - Sex don't pay for haircuts! LMAO

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