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What an amazing Summer

Omg! So the last few months have been a ride, and I was definitely on a mission to make my mark in the DFW area. I was recently featured in the Dallas Voyage Magazine,which was a true honor. I was also selected to take a class hosted by Shearshare (which is an amazing black owned company with a killer concept). The class was lead by the funny as hell and knowledgeable Ray Torregano, if you don't know him and you are in the beauty industry I encourage you to follow him; and I won a personal brand reboot and mentorship opportunity with him as well. Lucky me! Along with that I have also done a few Podcast interviews.

In the midst of all of that excitement, the book I have been working on, Beauty, Let's Get To Business, has been been released for pre-sale and will go live on amazon along with my website for order Oct, 2018. I am so confident in this project for I have tried and tested it not on just myself but a few others that I have mentored and can't wait to see how it will impact others.

I am always on the look out on how I can continue to grow in order to offer my clients and fellow colleagues more value as they choose to continue to support me and my vision. I can't wait to see what these last 96 days of the year will bring. I intend on rubbing some elbows, putting together some collaborations and sticking my neck out there so I can move on to the next big thing! Keep an eye on me and stay tuned !

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