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What goes in will come out!

Not everyone adores the word diet, healthy eating, salads, you get my drift. Although we don't want to do what it takes we all want to rep the fab results. Here are a few tips to everyday eating that doesn't require dieting just moderation.

Water , the corner stone of all of our bodies, its like oil to an en- gine. It is recommended that you drink anywhere from 8-10 glasses of water daily. Along with this eating every 3hours (5-6 small meals) of proteins, fats, and

carbs will keep the body and metabolism going.

Proteins give us muscle, carbs give us energy and fats, well fats keep us warm (lol). Sugars ,

try to keep your sugar grams intake to 5 grams and under. Sodium, under 150 mgs and 400 mgs per meal, and fiber at 3 grams and higher.


Now I'm sure you are probably asking what's this have to do with my hair? Well let me tell you everything you put in your mouth makes a difference in weather or not your hair will be shiny or dull, oily or dry, hydrated or weak. Here is a helpful little blend that can ease your hunger in the a.m.

Blend: protein (powder), 1tblsp peanut butter, 1/2 cup oatmeal, banana, and almond milk

First shake: milk & protein Then add: oat blend completely Then add: PB & banana

Slight modification needed for those with Peanut allergies. look for some great tips on Pinterest.

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