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Are social media breaks suggested

Ok! Now I know to some of y’all I just cursed at you... lol but please as hard as it is for me to say it just as hard for me to accept it as my own truth! Entrepreneurship at times can be very overwhelming. We have several projects and deadlines, family and life to balance and hardly make anytime to reset let alone for ourselves. When you have moments where you find yourself stuck mentally and physically I believe that is Gods way of letting you know to BE STILL!

Listen often my excuse was, how can I “fast” or take a break from social media? I operate several businesses and my primary source of outreach is just that. Now follow me, if your business is operating in the will of God Everything will still flow as planned. What is for you is yours and there ain’t nobody or social media that can block that! Take some time to get things in order.

⭐️Meditate -Get yourself mentally and physically aligned with what’s going on, reset!

⭐️Validate- Figure out if all the things that are running around in your head even hold a true space and have value to what your mission is and what you are trying to build.

⭐️Organize- Everything has a time, place and order. Put it there

And while you are on your social media cleanse if you really feel the need to keep things going. Before you duck out for a moment take the time to program your post in to Hootsuite or even hire a virtual assistant! There’s something to think about 🤔💋

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