About Us

There is something so special about the natural progression of a woman's inner and outward expression of beauty as it evolves over time. There's a chemistry to it and it settles in. It isn’t forced. It’s developed gradually so you can appreciate the move from simple to more complex. It's the "umph" that makes a woman go after her desires and dreams. It allows her to celebrate herself while uplifting those around her.

They say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," but what if one does not know the beauty they behold?

For a variety of reasons and experiences, many women lack self-confidence causing them to not identify with the person staring back at them in the mirror. Due to a lack of self-confidence, many women are not able to take the steps necessary to become the woman they desire to be. Some women simply do not have the resources to achieve the goals they have established. We are here to be a guiding hand to women as they journey through womanhood becoming the manifestation of the authentic self they wish to present to the world and loving on themselves visually.

Although looks aren't everything, it's known that when a women looks good, she's feels good! There's something about looking good on the outside that changes the mood of one's feelings about themselves on the inside. Moreover, how you present yourself to the world provides others with a small snippet of not only how you view yourself but it also serves as a blueprint to how they should treat you. So...let's give them something to look at!

Our Mission

"When women support each other, incredible things happen!"

We are dedicated to helping women lead and live a life more powerful and fulfilling by creating an outward look they desire and love while empowering and building inward self-confidence. 

Our Vision

After a Project L.O.V.E. Experience

  • Women will use the skills, resources and knowledge acquired and achieve a sustainable change for herself, family and community.

  • Women will act on their empowerment and new found confidence and not be afraid to live a fulfilled life. 

  • Women will support other women creating a culture of national sisterhood. 

What We Do

With more than 15 of years combined experience working with women, I understand that sometimes life can get the best of you. This movement was specially created to empower, recharge and remind women just who they are and what value they bring. Equipping them with the very tools needed to approach life with their head held high and become the phenomenal woman they are designed to be.

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Painted Heart
Painted Heart
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Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty
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Do you know a lady who has lost themselves in life, work, motherhood etc. Is there a special deserving woman who would appreciate a makeover. Nominate a special lady. Submit to us her name and why she is deserving of this day of beauty!

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