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Nicole "Nikki" Binion is the Founder and CEO of the B. Lauren Corporation. An organization that spearheads beauty and entrepreneurial education. Beyond the beauty industry her expertise includes creative marketing and transforming passions into paid gigs.

Nikki's vast experience, credentials and wealth of knowledge has also given her the opportunity to become a continuing education sponsor and education consultant. Nikki B. has always had a heart for sharing with others with her goal and motivation being contributing to making them the best that they can be. She believes that "service to many leads to greatness."

She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Marketing from Governors State University. She is a licensed instructor with training in fashion design and merchandise management. She also works primarily with beauty industry professionals but is willing to help other business professionals if possible. Nikki has a knack for being a serial entrepreneur. She works continuously to leverage her educational background, and experiences to guide students and clients.

I assist entrepreneurs within the beauty industry with shaping their mindset and structuring their business, while reaching and retaining their ideal client and creating lasting impressions. 

What I Do

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Services Offered:

    -  Continuing Education Sponsorship Assistance

    -  Business 1 on 1 

    -  Public Speaking Engagements 

    -  Website building

    -  Continuing Education

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